Welcome!  Dancing for Animals is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing people together to dance and help the animals of the world at the same time.  We work to raise funds, through dancing, to give grants to existing animal welfare organizations, to improve the lives of animals, to educate people about animal issues and abuses, and to inspire volunteerism and community activity.

Dancing for Animals holds dance classes and social dance parties. All profits are given as grants to animal welfare organizations and to support our educational programs.

We encourage people to get involved! Volunteer, donate, introduce a friend to dancing through a dance class or party, hold your own dance party and donate the proceeds, refer someone to our website, adopt an animal from a shelter, spread the word about the issues animals face, go to a demonstration, teach a child, change your diet, donate old linens to a shelter, or create your own way to help.  No action is too small. You never know how far the smallest ripple can go!   And many ripples make a wave.

Thank you so much for visiting.  Please keep checking back as our website will progress.  If you wish to contact us, please call

Making changes for animals one dance step at a time……

 Liz Peterson, President and Founder